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Fed up with workplace bullying?
Want to take back control of your life and regain your sanity?
Then this is for you!!

Starting 30 January, For 5 Days and Absolutely For Free, 
I am going to show you how you can
silence the bully and regain control of your life.

You will get proven, actionable steps so you can change your circumstances,
walk free from the torment 
and successfully move forward
without confrontation ! 

Going live each day at 7.15pm (GMT) 2.15pm (EST)
(but if you can't join live due to your time zone or commitments, replays will be available in the Facebook group for the duration of the Challenge.)

WANT TO GO FROM struggling TO successful?

Then you simply can't afford to miss this challenge where I am going to show you:

☑️  Three simple steps anyone can follow.

☑️ Practical actions so you can protect yourself. 

☑️ Steps that will help you build your resilience and regain your sanity so you can sleep better.

☑️  Steps that will help you reconnect with your skills and value so you can successfully move forward from here.

You will

Learn how to use the battle verses so you can silence the bully.
Learn how to operate the principles of the spoken word.
Understand how you may be undermining yourself so you can reverse your situation.
Learn what actions to take so you can defend yourself if the need arises.
Understand what thoughts you are allowing so you can stop the torment and sleep well again.


Get exclusive access to this live training valued at £497 Absolutely Free 
in the Three Steps to Freedom Challenge Starting 30 January

In this transformational 5-day live learning experience
I will share with you 3 Steps to Freedom so you can take immediate action to change your life. 

I experienced work place bullying for many years, existing in a toxic, oppressive, environment. 
I endured sleepless nights, thumping headaches and felt like I was holding on by my finger nails. 

I learned how to turn my circumstances around.

I went from feeling I had lost control of my life, to
progressing very successfully in my career.

You too, can go from fretting about what the bully is going to do next
to having peaceful sleep.

You can stop the constant worry about work and actually
enjoy time off with your family.

lf I can do it,

It's time to take 3 steps to freedom!


Get exclusive access to this live training valued at £497 Absolutely Free 
in the Three Steps to Freedom Challenge Starting 30 January

Meet Your Host

Heather McKee

  • Married to Rodney for 30 years.
  • ​Three grown up children and one amazing grand daughter.
  • ​Director with 10 years experience managing at a senior level in the public sector
  • Institute of Directors, Director of the Year Finalist
  • Experienced in workplace coaching and motivation skills
Determined to help women of faith overcome workplace bullying!

What other people are saying ...

"First, you taught me the verses in the Bible which protected me from bullying.
Second, you reminded me that I am a valuable person and I have achieved a lot of things so far. This revived my strength, self-esteem and confidence."
"Although it was still tough for me to face a lot of depressing situations at work last week, you listened to me, accepted me as I am and gave me advice every day."
"I really appreciate that you decided to share your experience and wisdom on how to overcome the hardship with other women who may also have the same problem.
In my opinion, if women can help each other and female leaders can empower other women, 
our society will be a better place for everybody."

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Get exclusive access to this live training valued at £497 Absolutely Free 
in the Three Steps to Freedom Challenge starting 30 January

My Dearest Friend,

It is my great pleasure to serve you in this challenge.

Having endured the affects of bullying but walked the path to peace and freedom, I want to provide that relief for you too.

I couldn't quite believe I was experiencing bullying when it happened to me.  I needed the job to contribute to feeding, clothing and keeping a roof over my three children but what I really wanted was to run away, to make the relentless pounding in my head and chest stop.  I wanted to pull the duvet over my head and for the problem to just disappear but of course, it doesn't ...

If this is how you feel, take heart, help is here.  Take my hand and I will help you.

My name is Heather McKee and I created the 'Three Steps to Freedom' Challenge for women of faith like you, so you can silence the bully and restore peace and freedom to your life without confrontation.

Join me, by clicking the link below to register.

I will help you out of this.

With much love,

PS  You can do this.  Just take one step at a time.


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